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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yum, tryptophan!

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Okay. I can tell the darker mood scared off the only two people that ever read this blog!

Mood is much better. Must have been that kilo block of chocolate I ate this weekend. Okay, so kilo (2.2lbs) might be a slight exaggeration but you can't overemphasise the healing power of chocolate. If this is what's called self-medication, bring it on!

Father's Day here. The Janitor received some nice gifts, including the obligatory underwear. I made the mistake, a few years back now, of introducing him to Calvin Klein boxers when he used to wear Target cheapies. CKs are probably reasonably priced in the US but let's just say here, it's got to the stage where we lock up his spare undies in a security safe.

I should also point out that the fact he wears CKs doesn't mean he bears the slightest resemblence to Travis Fimmel. Unless he has a muffin top alter ego.

A pretty quiet week in all. Lots of work, final couple of weeks of thesis writeup and then it's all over. I'd be extremely happy about that but right now it's way too stressful to even think beyond tomorrow.

I always knew I was pretty pathetic at statistics. I'm thinking of regrading that to absolutely dire. So if anyone knows the alterego of SuperStatsMan, elbow him into the nearest 'phone box and tell him his butt is required over here, right now.


Blogger Cornish-Pastie said...

I hope you enjoyed the chocolate eating......I keep my chocolate for moments when my studying gets too much. Chocolate deafiate has good healing powers, just wish I could get it on percription.
Good luck on final weeks of your thesis, be thinking of you. Keep smiling, the end is near......

10:34 AM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

Ah but those weeks are going to feel like months! Thanks though. Best pop to the supermarket. Chocolate raid on aisle 4!

1:46 AM

Blogger mckay said...

i can price the undies and mail some to you if it's cost effective :)

8:15 PM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

Oh, Mckay, that's sweet of you, thanks, but I think I'll just make him go commando instead! ;)

6:38 PM

Blogger IngenieurBleu said...

You're correct...chocolate is without a doubt proof that God wants us to be happy.

And I'm sure you're not pathetic at statistics. And if you really ARE and you get stuck, give me a shout and I can help you! *Shows official math loving nerd badge*

12:00 AM


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