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Friday, August 18, 2006

My life in a suitcase

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An afternoon spent cleaning up a closet revealed this treasure.

*note the heavy tone of sarcasm*

This, my friends, is The Cleaning Woman in the 80s.

Yeah, yeah. You knew I was no spring chicken. Why else would I post pictures of Adam Ant on this blog?

I thought I was cool. Hindsight makes me ask what the hell I was thinking?

Is that some homeless ferret perched atop my head? Way too fond of the bleach bottle obviously. Not too skilled with the washing machine either. Everything seems shrunken. And the pearls and patent pumps? Very Princess Diana.

But what's with the picnic basket? I remember this was my trusty 'handbag'.

Surely female sanitary goods weren't that huge 20 years ago?


Blogger mckay said...

looking back at old photos is always fun and good for a laugh. i have 80s pics and even into the early 90s with similar pics that make me think your same thoughts....what was i THINKING?!

all white outfits, white shoes, white jewelery, and the bleach blonde hair almost as white! oy.

lol at the handbag...kudos for originality ;0)

8:05 AM


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