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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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Things are in turmoil here.

And, no, it's not a response to seeing The Janitor in these tasty undies.

*averting my eyes*

The Janitor's work situation has become a little dodgy again. The pressure is on, the aim is to force him out, redundancy would be too costly. It appeared settled for a while but the scheming and manoeuvering is underway again. May they continue to make the silly blunders they've already made. Document! Document! Document! And then we'll pounce.

He's under enormous stress though and so tonight might be the night for a loving massage with the Vim (vicious cleaning product for those not in the know). Talk about exfoliation!

We're reevaluating our situation and if the job goes, looks like we might go too. Yes, McKay, if you suddenly find a group of strangers camping out in your backyard...say, no more.

But we're actually thinking of going back to the Old Dart, although I swear The Janitor misheard that D for a F.

*opening the window*

A lot to think about but I might have to wait for the air to clear.


Blogger mckay said...

dang, good luck with all the job woes.

do i sense a pattern??

7:20 PM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

You mean people leaving Oz? The Spot phenomenon? Hey, I can blame her!

8:15 PM

Blogger el.cameleon said...

think twice is my advice if your thinking of good old GB, read the reports on the terroism problems today will let you know as going GB saturday and into Heathrow which is great!!!!!!!!!all planes cx even from here at this mo
I often think of GB with rose coloured tints then realised it was only my glasses ..come here instead

4:56 AM

Blogger healthpsych said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:36 PM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

True, El Cameleon, but the terrorist risk is everywhere and I wouldn't let it deter me from returning home. After all, even Madrid was not exempt. Who knows what will happen? Melbourne is another consideration but, one thing is for sure, if the job goes, it's sayonara Sydney.
Nice invite btw but way too hot for me and I think The Janitor would have muchas problemas with the language!

5:36 PM

5:38 PM


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