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Monday, July 24, 2006


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One of my birthday presents was an iPod. I know I'm a bit behind but I've never been keen on one and I couldn't really see why I'd want one. And, apart from that, I'm kind of clueless about the technology.

But, then, my turntable/record player died, leaving me without any method of playing my beloved 80 vinyls.

Daggy though it is, this rubber chicken is prone to having the occasional mad hour of 80s music. Ah, the memories....

Suddenly, it was all taken away from me and I was left with the option of making a Blancmange fruit bowl, a Thomas Dolby soap dish and the Soft Cell sock basket....until someone took pity on my ignorance and pointed out I could download all of these old records online.

An iPod finally beckoned.

It's love. Not only for me but for the Janitor, who seems to have been on another planet during the 80s judging from his record collection. Aieee.


Blogger Cornish-Pastie said...

I hope the Cleaning Woman is enjoying her i-pod. I have one, it is still the bast thing i have treated myself too. I have bought myself so much music online, its coming bit of a habit now. One of my sister's took the mickey out of me, as I have downloaded music from the movie 'Dirty Dancing' this is one of my all time favorite movie. Patrick Swayze be still my beating heart. Even though I am an 80's baby, I have music on my i-pod which goes back to the 60's.

9:12 AM

Blogger el.cameleon said...

Well for all you youngsters I was a late 60s early 70s hip chick rolling stones animals kinks free jimi hendrix beatles wow
I think the janitor deserves triple rating why not let him out the cupboard a little
you could always mould him into Adam Ant, whose fame died in hollywood rather rapidly, but for sure the janitor wouldnt

10:21 AM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

Hi CP,
Eclectic taste is always a good thing although I'm not sure I'd stretch that to Dirty Dancing! :P
Although the Janitor would probably side with you!

Hey El Cameleon,
The Janitor in face paint and feathers? Have you been spying on our Saturday night hot dates?!? I don't think he'd go for the satin trousers though - I don't think they come in 'muffin top' fit.

9:41 PM

Blogger mckay said...

cw, did tippy send you that email? let me give you the link. oy.

not that i condone this sort of thing...

9:43 AM

Blogger healthpsych said...

Yes, she did, McKay. Note I didn't say exactly which model I got! ;)

1:29 AM


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