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Friday, August 11, 2006

Sex in Sox

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In my role as rubber chicken sex therapist, I thought I'd better share the following important statistic with you:

Proportion of surveyed couples who reached orgasm during
intercourse when they kept their socks on: 80%; without socks: 50 %
Source: John S. Croucher, Professor of Statistics, Macquarie University

I knew this was one hot photo. Posted before but worthy of a repeat in the given context. McKay, maybe this is where your sexy photo misses out? Stockings, not bed socks?

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Sex on a chick. Airbrushing courtesy of Sookey Jane.


Blogger tiptoe said...

CW this is by far the sexiest blog I've read.

Keep up the good work.


7:37 PM

Blogger tiptoe said...

Speaking of that, I do believe I've outdone you. Drop on by for a gander. *L*


7:57 PM

Blogger mckay said...

the airbrushing does add a certain allure.

9:05 PM


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