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Monday, September 04, 2006


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I am a confirmed ophidiophobic, arachnophobic and herpetophobic. Possessed of an intense fear of snakes, spiders and creepy crawlies in general...and, yes, I moved from the relatively benign UK to Australia. Hmm.

I don't even like to watch these types of creatures on television but, nonetheless, I was often mesmorised by the antics of The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. You'd often find me watching his latest endeavours. Completely horrified yet unable to look away.

Today Steve Irwin was killed filming his latest documentary. The man who tackled some of the most dangerous and venemous creatures in the world was taken out by a relatively benign Stingray. A tragic and extremely uncommon event. Kind of bizarre when you think about some of the situations he placed himself in.

Steve Irwin loved what he did. Animals were a major part of his life. Perhaps it's fitting he died doing what he loved the most? Sadly, he was only 44 and leaves behind a young family.

Steve Irwin was a great ambassador for Australia. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends tonight.

Crikey, Steve, we'll miss you.


Blogger mckay said...

dang, it sure took me by surprise when i read the story on the net. the show he was filming was called "the ocean's deadliest".

sometimes i think about how i will die. i wonder if he ever did the same and if he knew his time had come before he lost consciousness.

from what i've seen in the news, the citizens of Australia are mourning a type of royal. is that accurate or a bit of american spin?

so sad for his family.

8:12 PM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

It is a little 'Diana-like' to be honest. A bit over the top but then he was a very treasured Australian - unless your name happens to be Germaine Greer.

The family wants a private burial as opposed to a state one and I think that has to be respected.

6:36 PM

Blogger tiptoe said...

I hope he's buried on the property with a memorial thing around it so folks can walk by when they're at the zoo.


9:42 PM


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