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Friday, July 14, 2006

Boom, baby!

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Well, I'm still typing in those questionnaires which means life at the moment is pretty mundane. The only exciting part of this is some of the comments people feel they need to make in response to some of the questions, even though only a tick in the box is required. So far it's all about sex, obesity and God, not that any of that is related to the issue in question.

And I'm getting all kinds of things sent to me. Religious pamphlets, a brochure on Viagara (!?!), picture cards. Very interesting.

Anyway, enough of that unless you're into statistics. If multivariate analysis is your thing, baby, rock on over.

In the meantime, I did get tagged and so here are things you may not have known (and never wanted to know!) about me.

A) Four jobs I have had in my life (not listed in order of preference)

1. Oracle Database Adminhenstrator
2. Shoe saleschicken
3. Henalyst/Programmer
4. Psycholochickst.

B) Four movies I would watch over and over

1. TENG (see above)
2. Love Actually
3. LA Story
4. Schindler's List

C) Four places I have lived

1. Sydney
2. London
3. Backnang
4. Wantage

D) Four TV shows I love to watch

1. House
2. Northern Exposure (on DVD)
3. The Amazing Race
4. Kommisar Rex (I'm NOT watching for the dog ;) )

E) Four places I have been on vacation

1. Tunisia
2. Fuerteventura
3. Los Angeles
4. Vienna

F) Four websites I visit when I can

1. The Compleat Steve
2. Rubber chicken anonymous
3. BBC World News

G) Four of my favorite foods

1. Gluten free fettucine
2. Chocolate (for medicinal purposes)
3. Cheese (the harder to pronounce, the better)
4. Spaetzle

H) Four places I would rather be right now

1. Anywhere but entering these questionnaires
2. Writing something more interesting on my blog
3. In bed watching House
4. Vienna, with a huge slice of Sachertorte and a revved up espresso



Blogger mckay said...

shindler's list? oh my. my stomach was in knots for a week after watching that only once. it made me physically ill to watch what happened to all those poor souls.

now, LA story i can understand watching on a loop tape.

i like national velvet.

7:54 AM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

Yep, same here, McKay. But it's a 'I'd watch again' movie because it is an important film for me, not because it's enjoyable.

I've never seen National Velvet.

Truly, there are so many movies I could list. Sometimes it's easier to list the turkeys.

2:04 PM

Blogger Asha_sahana said...

National Velvet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for me Muriels Wedding I see 2 sides to this film
The piano
pero CW el lista de Schindler es una pelicular muy fuerte pero muy importante, el imagen del niƱa en rojo???

2:54 PM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

Si, Asha_Sahana. Conformes! Las imagenes muy impresionantes.

4:29 PM


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