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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Code red

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So. I took a day out yesterday to attend Baby Cleaningwoman's sports day.

Endulge me in a small brag, please.

BCW came first in her heat and performed none too shabbily in the final.

*beaming grin*

Now, for the offspring of The Janitor, whose idea of physical fitness is 10 pushes of the remote control button, and TCW, whose own athletic prowess relates to how quick she can unwrap a bar of chocolate, this is both impressive and puzzling. In fact, we're thinking about DNA testing.

Unfortunately for yours truly, a focus on the 100m heat made me completely think about the other kind of heat. Yesterday was a scorcher and that English roses complexion has morphed into Angry Lobster. Very exotic, I think not.

One word. OUCH.

There'll be no 'sporting activity' in this household for a while.

Calamine lotion anyone?


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