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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Painting the town red

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Painting the town red.

That's my pathetic attempt to make my life seem exciting. I'm not fooling anybody, least of all myself.

In a brief break from the thesis (two more weeks and it's all over!!) and what am I doing? Out for a nice dinner? A decent movie? A Vichy shower and hot stone massage perhaps?

Nope. Nope and nope. I am painting a bedroom. From massaging pages of dreary text to watching paint dry.

Can life get any better?

I'm no Michelangelo either. When it come to painting style, think more of Jackson Pollack because paint tends to get sprayed and flicked in all directions.

Hey, maybe I should do that a little more. Might convince The Janitor that getting someone in to do this stuff makes a lot more sense, particularly as he himself is noticeable by his absence. Apparently, I do this stuff so much better.



Blogger tiptoe said...

Congrats on the two more weeks and then the writing misery's over.


6:38 PM

Blogger Palasandra said...

I´m sure your doing a fine job,just be careful the paint doesnt splash over your thesis!!

1:50 AM


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