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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jacques Catsteau

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I've come to the conclusion that The Janitor's Cupboard is a wierd place to live.

Wierd. Pure and simple.

Chicken pox that turns out to be an allergy.

To TheCleaningWoman perhaps?

Cats that sneak in my bubble bath unbeknown to me and frighten the bejesus out of me when I get in.

The cheek of it. I don't even let The Janitor share my bathwater.

I had the sneaking suspicion this new cat was more human than feline.

Now I know for sure.

Seems that it's not only humans who can have a bad hair day.


Blogger mckay said...

so your cat climbed into a bathtub full of water and was well concealed under the bubble layer? now that's funny!

7:25 AM

Blogger el.cameleon said...

love the hairstyle reminds me of an ex boyfriend

12:19 PM

Blogger Cornish-Pastie said...

Cat story....very funny. The piccie looks like me first thing in the morning.

2:34 AM


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