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Friday, May 19, 2006

El pollo de goma 857-4953

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And, no, please don't try and ring that fake phone number. I don't want some poor individual inundated with calls about chickens, yet alone rubber.

You see, I was reading this morning about the town of Cedillo in Spain. Apparently, it's so common in Spanish country towns to use nicknames that people can't remember anyone's real name. It seems everyone knows 'El Gordo' ('the fat one') but Juan Lopez draws a blank.

So the town has resorted to creating their own phone book based on the nicknames.

What fun! And a great idea for those celebrities who are adept at mislaying their phone books....of course, it doesn't help with stray sex videos, unless the nickname comes with a penchant for wearing masks and other paraphenalia of disguise during the act.

What would be your favourite celebrity nickname?

The wickeder, the better.

My favourite is "Three Strikes" (Robert Downey Jr.)

On a personal note, the devil in me expects to spend the day reworking my own address book.

Grumpys*d. You know who you are.


Blogger mckay said...

what? you're gong to make me THINK this weekend?

7:29 PM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

Ah, McKay, you're my only regular reader. Someone has to do the brain work.

6:49 PM

Blogger mckay said...

plaster of paris? she only has one smile for the paparazzi. did you hear she had a big ol crying jag / hissy when her photo was taken mid roller coaster ride with a big mambo scream?...she only wanted that one 'signature' pout in the mags...poor baby.

it hurts my brain to think of any more right now....

11:35 AM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

I like it. I LIKE IT A LOT.

*putting thinking cap on*

2:50 PM

Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

That's gooood, very good.
I'm racking my brain...

Okay, how about these:

1. New Face: Kenny Rogers
2. Plastic Face: Joan Rivers
3. Falling Star: Tom Cruise
4. Red: Conan O'Brien
5. The Girls: Dolly Parton

1:53 AM

Blogger el.cameleon said...

ah chickens, living in spain I also have a space on my blog on chickens, amiable creatures not that my dog thinks so. The lottery here in Spain on Fridays is also called El Gordo...not unlike the chickens..

el pollito---- thats me. little chicken

4:26 AM


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