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Monday, May 15, 2006

Blinded me with science

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I came across the following mindnumbing fact today. It's been intriguing me all day and, in the end, I just had to share.

A cockroach breaks wind every 15 minutes.

Now, my question is, how the hell do they know that?

Is there a scientific study on cockroach flatus somewhere? Did they assign some poor PhD student to sit there with a counter?

And how do they know when a cockroach breaks wind?

Is it audible? Do they measure gaseous levels in a chamber?

And is this hazardous work? Do you get danger money?

Could this be a new career opportunity?

So many questions and, darn it, I want answers!


Blogger Citizen Deux said...

Dear god, you may have discovered the source of global warming! Or at least the aroma in any Florida bar after 2am.

6:56 PM

Blogger el.cameleon said...

god we have an army of those little devils on this island,they creep in when your not looking..under doors up drains etc
and i thought it was our dog who had wind..sorry elga you can come in the sitting room now...smells resolved

4:32 AM

Blogger mckay said...

this is going to be the start of an international catch phrase.

"that'll have as much impact as a cocroach's fart."

2:57 PM


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