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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Red hot cookingwoman!

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Morphing from thecleaningwoman into the cookingwoman seems like a good excuse to have a picture of a fireman hottie on my blog. I've included it for the pleasures of readers only, of course. I've promised not to look at it.

*sneaky peek*

It does serve a practical purpose though. This is probably who I will be calling later this afternoon.

I have been forced to cook. Or rather bake.
Despite a scene reminiscent of Chernobyl, I currently have what I hope will be edible gluten free chocolate muffins in the oven. In January this year, I was diagnosed coeliac which means no more gluten.

For a bread lover like me, I have been in mourning ever since. Seen someone strange loitering around the italian bread counter, breathing in heavily? Yep, that's me. That pervert in the newsagent slobbering heavily over Baking Weekly? *blush*

Everyone keeps telling me things aren't so bad. After all, there's a lot of gluten free products around these days. Note, this is mostly people who aren't allergic to gluten and who tell me this as they happily munch on their pan chocolat.

Everything I've tried so far has the taste and consistency of a house brick. So, now I've decided to try and bake something myself.

*audible maniacal laughter in the background*

I'm a self-confessed disaster in the kitchen. Agencies hire me to demonstrate their biohazardous material handling capabilities. Past 'successes' have included flambe high chair when I accidentally barbecued the high chair tray on the burner. Catch my drift?

Anyway, got to dash. This smoke is getting a little choking and there's some strange deafening screeching sound. If I fail to blog again, you know how it turned out.


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