The mutterings of a rubber chicken

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thoughts from the Janitor's Cupboard


Seems everyone is doing it.

Except me. Until now.

Thought you were safe from the mundane ramblings of the cleaning woman? Think again! Muhahahahahahaha. I can rant on as much as the next rubber chicken with it's butt stuck in a metal bucket (and I do wish they'd watch where they put that mop).

It seems like most people are gifted at thinking of witty titles for their blog. I thought of calling this a 'blog about nothing' but that wouldn't be witty, it would be darn truthful. And it's a name I'd share with a million other bloggers also partial to Seinfeld. Ditto 'blahda blahda blahda', although I think only 874343 bloggers have used that.

So...back to basics and 'Thoughts from the janitor's cupboard' it is. Manages expectations nicely. After all, not much goes on in the janitor's cupboard, although with all those cleaning fumes, who knows what might happen?


Blogger Dawnie said...

:O) LMAO :O) I miss our old chatting!

9:04 AM


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