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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oh Pollocks!

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Anyone know the telephone number of this bloke?

Of course, you'll know him as Steve Martin the comedian/actor/musician. This is his hidden side, Steve Martin, home decorator. Very secret, hush-hush.

I'm asking because he looks kind of how I look right now but a whole lot neater. While I'm also covered in white from head to toe, any resemblence ends there.

Steve, as always, is pristine, I'm just plain mucky. His appearance is orchestrated, mine is non-intentional.

See, I've been concurrently painting a room and learning that I'm not really aren't that good at it.

If only the finished product looked like Steve's room above - instead it looks like a bad day in Pollock's studio.

Sigh. Handy man wanted!


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