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Thursday, April 27, 2006

It Ain't Half Hot Mom!

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Above - somewhat dodgy British sitcom from 70s to early 80s. I remember loving it at the time but, as a spring chicken, I doubt my funny bone was adequately developed.

Scary that I even remember this. However, this image (okay, well maybe not this particular image but probably one with Gloria in drag) popped into my head as I lay awake through another hot and sticky Sydney night (I refer to the weather only. Let's not go there..! )

What's going on? It's AUTUMN. Autumn. Autumn.

Whoever manages this globes meterological schedule has fallen asleep on the job. Autumn means cooler. Where's the atmospheric air conditioning?? Someone flick the switch please.

Call me a whingin' Pom (Brit) if you like but I loathe the heat.

To be honest, I reckon someone slipped a little too much Ribena mixer in my water when I was filling out the application forms and Canada suddenly became Australia. That'd explain the moose outfit in my suitcase....


Anonymous Stefan said...

Good Job! :)

3:09 AM


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