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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here's to the present

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I'm done. It's all over.

I never want to see that thesis again. Let me bury it in some dark corner of the room and forget about it.


So, I think it's appropriate to celebrate with friends and I'm feeling pretty darned generous right now.

The moon for Asha? The porsche for McKay's midlife crisis (when she's ready for one....)? Diamond head jewellery for Sookey? A gorilla for Tiptoe?

Oh, and I guess while I'm shopping, I might as well get us all one of those never-emptying ATM machines.

Yes, name what you will my friends. Money is no object.Particularly when you shop at Virtual Presents, the delight of all cheapskates everywhere.

Must keep this quiet from The Janitor or we know where he'll be doing his Christmas shopping.


Blogger Amie Barnett said...

Congratulations. You are the smartest rubber chicken I know. I'll take that flat in Clerkenwell we bantered about a few months ago. Oh, and some Danish modern furniture as well. And some chocolate. And a kitten.

It must feel good to be done. Congrats again.


9:39 PM

Blogger TheCleaningWoman said...

Hey TS,
You must be channelling my wish list! Although I'll pass on the kitten, three is more than enough to juggle. Maybe a chocolate kitten?

12:24 AM

Blogger Asha_sahana said...

felecitations , obviously why you changed your page design no more memories of blogging about thesis.
I´ll give you the stars....

5:47 AM

Blogger sookeyjane said...

i would give you a rubber chicken pic in cap and gown, but i don't know if you have american style mortarboards or those funny porkpie things.

6:40 PM


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